Orphanage in Osubi (Nigeria)

Our first project is an orphanage in Osubi . Part of the project is completing the building and equipment of a school and a training workshop for children.

The original idea for this project arose many years ago. It began in Lagos when a young student (she is from Nigeria and is a founding member of our NGO) founded an initiative, together with her friends, to attend to children in hospitals and prisons. The experiences she gained while visiting these places and the knowledge about the backgrounds of the children’s fates caused her to continue her work from Germany. The founding of the NGO “Helping Hands for Africa” also serves this purpose. Its founding members are Africans and Germans. In Nigeria, locally, we cooperate with Reverend Ufoma Akpochimoraa who takes care of the project in Osubi.

Picture Gallery: The children in Osubi